Does a vector have a location in space? Will it fluctuate with time?  Can two equivalent vectors x and y at various locations in space fundamentally have indistinguishable physical effects? Give cases in support of your answer.

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Solution :-

No, A vector in space has no distinct location. The reason behind this is that a vector stays invariant when it displaces in a way that its direction and magnitude does not change. Although, a position vector has a distinct location in space.

Yes, A vector change with time. For instance, the velocity vector of a ball moving with a specific speed fluctuates with time.

No, Two equivalent vectors situated at different locations in space do not generate the same physical effect. For instance, two equivalent forces acting at different points on a body tend to rotate the body, but the combination will not generate the equivalent turning effect.

Answered by Pragya Singh | 1 year ago

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