Explain tropospheric pollution in 100 words.

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Solution :-

The presence of unwanted substances in the troposphere’s lowest layer cause tropospheric pollution

The major pollutants include oxides of nitrogen, sulphur, carbon and hydrocarbons.

  • Oxides of nitrogen (NO2, NO) and sulphur (SO2 and SO3) which are formed due to the burning of coal, automobile fuel and other fossil fuels, form nitric acid (HNO3) and sulphuric acid (H2SO4) by reacting with water in the presence of atmospheric oxygen. This results in ‘Acid rain’.

\( 2SO_{2(g)} + O_{2(g}) + 2H_2O_(l) \rightarrow 2H_2SO_{4(aq)}\)

\( 4NO_(g) + O_{2(g)} + 2H_2O_(l) \rightarrow 4HNO_{3(aq)}\)

Acid rain harms plants, agriculture and trees. It also causes respiratory problems in humans.

  • Hydrocarbons are compounds that contain carbon and hydrogen in them. They burn to form oxides of carbon. They are carcinogenic in nature and are also regarded as major pollutants.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) reacts with the haemoglobin in our blood and is poisonous in nature and can even be fatal. Even though carbon dioxide (CO2)is not toxic by itself, it contributes to the increase in global warming by trapping extra sun rays. This results in a heating effect upon the earth thus increasing the earth’s temperature.
  • Particulates like dust, smoke, fume and mist block our nasal passage and are considered harmful for our health.
  • Smog is caused due to the combination of smoke and fog which reduces the visibility of traffic.

Photochemical smog is formed as a result of the presence of ozone, PAN, acrolein and formaldehyde. It causes headaches, eye irritation and chest pain in humans. It cracks rubber tires and also damages the plants.

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