Distinguish between a sigma and a pi bond.

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Solution :-

The following are the differences between sigma and p-bonds.

Sigma ( σ ) Bond Pi (n) bond
(a) It is formed by the end to end overlap of
It is formed by the lateral overlap of orbitals.
(b) The orbitals involved in the overlapping
are s-s, s-p, or p-p.
These bonds are formed by the overlap of pp
orbitals only.
(c) It is a strong bond It is weak bond.
(d) The electron cloud is symmetrical about
the line joining the two nuclei.
The electron cloud is not symmetrical.
(e) It consists of one electron cloud, which is
symmetrical about the internuclear axis.
There are two electron clouds lying above
the below the plane of the atomic nuclei.
(f) Free rotation about σ bonds is possible. Rotation is restricted in case of pi-bonds.


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