An alkene ‘A’ on ozonolysis gives a mixture of ethanal and pentan-3- one. Write structure and IUPAC name of ‘A’.

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Solution :-

According to the given data the following reaction format can be formed as:

While ozonolysis, an ozonide having a cyclic structure is formed as an intermediate which then undergoes cleavage to give the final products. Ethanal and pentan-3-one are obtained from the same intermediate ozonide. Thus, the expected structure of the ozonide is:

This ozonide is formed as an addition of ozone to reactant ‘A’. Thus, the desired structure of ‘A’ can be obtained by the removal of ozone from the above ozonide.
The structural formula of ‘A’ is as follows;

The IUPAC name of the above compound is 3-Ethylpent-2-ene.

Answered by Abhisek | 1 year ago

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