What happens when

(a) Borax is heated strongly

(b) Boric acid is added to water

(c) Aluminum is treated with dilute NaOH

(d) BF3 is reacted with ammonia?

Asked by Pragya Singh | 1 year ago |  59

1 Answer

Solution :-

(a) When heated, borax undergoes a number of chemical changes. After losing water molecules, it expands. That transforms into an opaque liquid,
which then solidifies into a glass-like substance called borax bead. The reaction is given below:

(b) In water, boric acid absorbs electrons from \( OH^{-}\) ions. The reaction is given below:

(c) NaOH and Al react to produce sodium tetrahydroxoaluminate (III). In the process, hydrogen gas is released. The reaction is given below:


(d) Adduct is formed via the chemical reaction between \( BF_3\) (a Lewis acid) and\( NH_3\) (a Lewis base).\( BF_3\)has an octet centred on B. The reaction is given below:

Answered by Abhisek | 1 year ago

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