Answer the following.

a) Tabulate the differences in the characteristics of matter.

b) Comment upon the following: rigidity, compressibility, fluidity, filling a gas container, shape, kinetic energy and density.

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Solution :-

(a) The difference in the characteristics of the three states of matter.

Characteristics Solid Liquid Gas
Shape Fixed shape No Fixed shape No Fixed shape
Volume Fixed volume Fixed volume No Fixed volume
Intermolecular force Maximum Less than solids Very less
Intermolecular space Very less More than solids maximum
Rigidity/Fluidity Rigid/cannot flow Can flow/not rigid Can flow/not rigid
Compressibility negligible compressible Highly compressible

(b) (i) Rigidity: It is the propensity of a substance to continue to remain in its shape when treated with an external force.

(ii) Compressibility: It is the attribute of the particles to contract its intermolecular space when exposed to an external force thereby escalating its density

(iii) Fluidity: It is the ability of a substance to flow or move about freely.

(iv) Filling the gas container: The particles in a container take its shape as they randomly vibrate in all possible directions.

(v) Shape: It is the definite structure of an object within an external boundary

(vi) Kinetic energy: Motion allows particles to possess energy which is referred to as kinetic energy. The increasing order of kinetic energy possessed by various states of matter are:

Solids < Liquids < Gases

Mathematically, it can be expressed as K.E = \( \frac{1}{2}\) mv2 , where 'm' is the mass and 'v' is the velocity of the particle.

(vii) Density: It is the mass of a unit volume of a substance. It is expressed as: d = \( \frac{M}{V}\), where 'd' is the density, 'M' is the mass and 'V' is the volume of the substance

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