Give a comparative account of the classes of Kingdom Fungi under the following:

(i) mode of nutrition 

(ii) mode of reproduction

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Solution :-

  Phycomycetes Ascomycetes Basidiomycetes Deuteromycetes
Mode of nutrition Saprophytic or parasitic Decomposers, Saprophytic or parasitic or coprophilous Saprophytic Decomposers, Saprophytic or parasitic
Mode of reproduction

Asexual reproduction by zoospore (motile) Aplanospore (non-motile)

Sexual reproduction – zygote can be similar or dissimilar in morphology

Through asexual spores called conidia and sexual spores are known as ascospores

By vegetation reproduction through budding.

Fusion of two somatic cells for the formation of basidiospores is Plasmogamy

Through asexual spores called conidia.


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