Describe the important characteristics of gymnosperms.

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The important characteristics of gymnosperms are:

● The seeds of gymnosperm plants are not enclosed in fruits.

● The plant body ranges from medium size to tall trees and also shrubs. The giant redwood tree Sequoia is one of the tallest trees in our world.

● The gymnosperm's root system consists of taproots. The coralloid roots present in Cycas are related to nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria.

● The stems are often branched as we can see in Pinus and Cedrus or unbranched as seen in Cycas.

● The leaves can be simple as observed in Pinus or compound as observed in pinnate in Cycas. The needle-like leaves with a thick cuticle are present along with sunken stomata. These stomata help in preventing water loss.

● Gymnosperms are heterosporous and bear two kinds of spores namely microspores and megaspores.

● Flowers are absent but compact male and female cones are present which are formed due to the specific arrangement of microsporophylls and megasporophylls

● Pollination mostly occurs through wind and through micropyle the pollen grains reach the pollen chamber of the ovule.

● The male and female gametophytes are hooked into the sporophyte.

● The seeds contain haploid endosperms and the covering of the megasporangium turns into a diploid seed shell.

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