Why are phloem and xylem known as complex tissues?

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Solution :-

Complex Tissues are made up of more than one type of cell and these work together as a unit. Xylem elements are responsible for the conduction of water and mineral salts from the roots to the other parts of the plant.

Xylem elements are highly lignified and dead except xylem parenchyma. It consists of:

(i) Xylem vessels

(ii) Xylem tracheids

(iii) Xylem fibres

(iv) Xylem parenchyma

                                                                           Fig: Complex tissue – Xylem

Phloem is a complex tissue associated with the translocation of food. Phloem elements are living except phloem fibres. It consists of:

(i) Sieve tubes

(ii) Companion cells

(iii) Phloem fibres

(iv) Phloem parenchyma

                                                  Fig: Complex tissue– Phloem.

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