What is the stomatal apparatus? With the help of diagrammatic representation describe the structure of stomata and label its parts.


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Solution :-

The stomatal apparatus comprises the following parts.

• A small aperture or opening present in the epidermal cells of the leaf called stoma. This is also called a stomatal aperture (singular- stoma, plural – stomata).

• Two bean-shaped guard cells surrounding the stomatal aperture. (It is to be noted that guard cells are dumbbell-shaped in monocots and bean-shaped in dicots.)

• Subsidiary cells – These are specific epidermal cells in the vicinity of guard cells.


• Change in the turgidity or flaccidity of the guard cells is associated with stomatal opening and closure.

• Stomata are essentially involved in gaseous exchange and transpiration.

Draw a neat diagram of the stomatal apparatus found in the epidermis of  leaves and label the Stoma, Guard cells, Chloroplast, Epidermal Cells, cell  wall and Nucleus. - Studyrankersonline

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