Find out and create a list of proteins utilized as therapeutic agents. List additional uses of proteins (e.g., cosmetics, etc.)

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Solution :-

A list of proteins used as therapeutic agents are given below.

Proteins Therapeutic use
i. Insulin Diabetes
ii. Vasopressin Treatment of diabetes insipidus
iii. Interleukin II Used to prevent low platelets counts and to
decrease the requirement for blood
transfusions following cancer treatments.
iv. Oxytocin Used for inducing uterine contractions to
induce labour during pregnancy.

• Both plants and animals give the appropriate proteinaceous materials for the preparation of cosmetic items. Proteins from algae and fungi, though, are also increasingly being utilized as protein sources.

• High-protein plants most widely used as beginning material for making vegetable proteins are wheat and corn gluten, rice, soy, and oat protein concentrates, and defatted oilseeds (almond, peanuts, sunflower). Among the larger variety of vegetable proteins, soy globulins and wheat gluten are by far of the widest use. Wheat gluten (often just known as wheat protein) is a distinctive cereal protein of high elasticity when hydrated. Soy proteins are useful because of their thickening and emulsifying effects.

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