Find out exactly how much cellulose is produced by the plants in the biosphere and then compare it to how much paper is produced by human beings and therefore, what is the use of plant material by man each year. What a loss of vegetation?

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Solution :-

Most paper is formed from wood pulp. The major component of wood pulp is cellulose, a polymer made of several glucose molecules linked together. The cellulose molecules and their bonding to each other give the paper its properties. Nearly 33% of everything in the plant matter is cellulose. The cellulose content of wood is 40−50%and that of cotton is 90% For industrial use, cellulose is mostly obtained from cotton and wood pulp. It is used primarily to produce paper and paperboard; to a smaller extent. It is converted into a large variety of derivative products like rayon and cellophane.

Answered by Abhisek | 1 year ago

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