Describe the important properties of enzymes.

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Almost all the enzymes are proteins. Important properties of enzymes are as follows:

  • They have a higher molecular weight and are complex macromolecules
  • They catalyse the biochemical reactions involved in the cell, assisting in breaking down larger molecules into simpler molecules or getting together two smaller molecules to form a larger one
  • Enzymes do not initiate but accelerate a reaction
  • They affect the rate of biochemical reaction and do not influence the direction of the reaction
  • They are action-specific
  • Higher turnover of enzymes causes an increase in the efficiency of a reaction. Most of the enzymes have high turnover number.
  • Enzymes are affected by temperature. As the temperature increases, enzymatic activity decreases. Maximum activity is observed at 30-40 degree Celsius.
  • Maximum activity is observed at 6-8 pH level
  • With an increase in substrate concentration, the enzymatic velocity also increases reaching maximum velocity

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