Explain the events that take place throughout the inter-phase.

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Solution :-

• The interphase is also known as the preparatory phase of the cell cycle.

• During this period although the cell is said to be in a resting phase, it is metabolically quite active.

• It is the time during which the cell prepares itself for division by enduring both DNA replication and cell growth in a sequential and orderly manner and it is completed in three steps.

i. G1 (Gap 1) phase- It involves RNA and protein synthesis.

ii. S (Synthesis) phase – It involves DNA replication. Throughout this time the amount of DNA double per cell. In animal cells, during the S phase DNA replication takes place in the nucleus, and the centriole replicates in the cytoplasm.

iii. G2 (Gap 2) phase – It also involves RNA and protein synthesis.

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