Distinguish anaphase of mitosis from anaphase 1 of meiosis.

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Solution :-

● During anaphase of mitosis, chromatids separate from each other, whereas during anaphase I of meiosis the synapsed homologous chromosomes separate from each other.

● It is important to recollect here that during the metaphase stage of prophase chromosomes lie on the equator with their centromere lying on the metaphase plate. During anaphase, the centromere divides and the chromatids move to opposite poles.

● In metaphase I of Meiosis, the bivalents arrange themselves on the equator, and centromeres of synapsed homologous chromosomes do not lie on the equator.

● Anaphase I involves the separation of paired homologous chromosomes to the opposite poles of the equator. This is known as a disjunction of chromosomes.

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