Describe transpiration pull model of water transport in plants. What are the factors influencing transpiration?How is it useful to plants?

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Solution :-

(1) The process of loss of water from the aerial part of the plant is known as transpiration. It causes suction force in xylem which is known as transpiration pull. This transportation of water from the xylem to the aerial part of the plant is also known as the cohesion-tension model of water transport.

(2) The factors which influence transpiration are temperature, speed, humidity, wind, number of stomata, distribution of stomata, canopy structure, etc.

(3) Transpiration helps in the transportation of water and minerals to other parts of plants, due to continuous water transport the temperature inside the plant was maintained. It also helps to keep the turgidity of the cell

Answered by Abhisek | 2 years ago

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