What causes opening and closing of the guard cell of the stomata during transpiration?

Asked by Pragya Singh | 1 year ago |  147

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Solution :-

(1) The exchange of gases in leaves takes place through the pores present which is known as stomata.

(2) Each stomata consists of a bean shaped guard cell which is thick and elastic to the inner side.

(3) Change in the turgidity of the guard cell causes the opening and closing of stomata.

(4) Increase in turgidity causes the bulging of guard cells due to this the stomatal pore gets open due to radial arrangement of microfibrils.

(5) When the stomata loses its turgidity the pores get close and the stomata retain its original shape and the microfibrillar get arranged longitudinally.

Answered by Abhisek | 1 year ago

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