What are the main steps in aerobic respiration? Where does it take place?

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Solution :-

The main steps of aerobic respiration are as follows: - Glycolysis, link reaction, Krebs cycle and terminal oxidation.

i. Glycolysis (EMP Pathway): - The process of breakdown of glucose into pyruvic acid is known as glycolysis. Glucose is partially oxidized to for two molecules of pyruvate, two NADH, and two ATP. This is a common pathway for both aerobic and anaerobic modes of respiration. It takes place in the cytoplasm.

ii. Link Reaction (Gateway Reaction): - Pyruvic acid undergoes oxidative decarboxylation to form acetyl CoA and NADH. This reaction occurs within the matrix of mitochondria.

iii. Krebs' Cycle (TCA Cycle): - The Krebs’ Cycle occurs within the matrix of mitochondria. The net gain of energy is equal to 24 ATP molecules along with other products.

iv. Terminal Oxidation: - Electron Transport System or oxidative phosphorylation takes place in the inner mitochondrial membrane.

Answered by Pragya Singh | 11 months ago

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