Describe the process of digestion of protein in the stomach.

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In the stomach, the digestion of proteins begins and it gets completed in the small intestine. The digestive juice secreted by the gastric glands present on the walls of the stomach is called gastric juice. When the food enters the stomach it gets mixed with the gastric juice and becomes acidic. The main gastric juice mainly consists of hydrochloric acid, pepsinogen, mucus, and rennin. Hydrochloric acid dissolves a bit of food to create an acidic medium so that pepsinogen can easily be converted into pepsin, esophagus digesting enzyme. It is secreted in its inactive form namely pepsinogen, which then gets activated by hydrochloric acid. The activated pepsin then transforms the proteins into proteases and peptides

Rennin is a proteolytic enzyme that plays an important role in the coagulation of milk and is released in an inactive form called prorenin.

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