Have you heard about hypoxia? Try to gather information about it, and discuss it with your friends.

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Hypoxia is a condition characterized by insufficient or decreased oxygen supply to the lungs and caused by various extrinsic factors such as decreased

pO2, insufficient oxygen, etc. The different types of hypoxia are;-.

• Hypoxemic hypoxia

In this hypoxia, there is a decrease in the oxygen content of the blood due to the low oxygen partial pressure in the arterial blood.

• Anaemic hypoxia

This hypoxia results in a decrease in haemoglobin concentration.

• Stagnant or ischemic hypoxia

This type of hypoxia results in a lack of oxygen in the blood due to poor circulation. It occurs when a person is exposed to a cold temperature for a long period of time.

• Histotoxic hypoxia

In this type of hypoxia, the tissues cannot use oxygen, which occurs with carbon monoxide or cyanide poisoning.

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