What is Tidal volume? Find out the Tidal volume (approximate value) for a healthy human in an hour.

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Solution :-

Tidal volume is defined as the volume of air that is inspired or expired during normal respiration. It is approximately 6000 to 8000 mL of air per minute.

The hourly tidal volume for a human with a good health is calculated as shown below:

Tidal volume = 6000 to 8000 mL/minute

Tidal volume in an hour = 6000 to 8000 mL ×(60 min)

= 3.6 x 105 ml to 4.8 x 105 ml

Therefore, the hourly tidal volume for a human with good health is around

3.6 x105 ml to 4.8x105 ml.

Answered by Abhisek | 1 year ago

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