Give a brief account of the countercurrent mechanism.

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The Henle's loop and vasa recta help in the concentration of filtrate through counter current mechanism because the limbs of Henle's loop carry filtrate and the limb of vasa recta carry blood in opposite directions.

● The counter-current between the Vasa recta and Henle loops helps in maintaining the osmolarity from 300 mOsmol per liter in the cortex to 1200 mOsmol per liter in the inner medulla.

● The NaCl in the ascending loop of Henle's gets exchanged with the descending loop of the vasa recta and then after getting returned into the interstitium by the vasa recta through its ascending portion.

● The transportation of urea takes place through collecting tubules to the interstitium.

● The production of urine takes place four times more concentrated than initial filtrate in humans.

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