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(a) How do you perceive the colour of an object?

(b) Which part of our body helps us in maintaining the body balance?

(c) How does the eye regulate the amount of light that falls on the retina?

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Solution :-

(a) Color vision is mediated by cones. Cones respond to different types of light depending on their characteristics, such as green, blue and red. Light from different sources stimulates these cells in different ways. We see different colors due to the combination of signals generated.

(b) Cochlear canals are formed by three semicircles in the inner ear. Keeping the body in balance is the job of the Cochlea.

(c) The pupil is a small opening between the iris and the lens of the eye that regulates light entering the eye. In dim light, they expand to let more light fall on the retina, whereas in the presence of intense light they contract.

Answered by Abhisek | 1 year ago

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