Draw a labelled diagram of an electric motor. Explain its principle and work. What is the function of a split ring in an electric motor?

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An electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. It works on the principle of magnetic effect of current. The figure listed below shows a simple electric motor.

When current is made to flow through the coil MNST by closing the switch, the coil starts to rotate in the anticlockwise direction. This is due to the downward force acting on the length MN and simultaneously an upward force acting along the length ST. As a result of which, the coil rotates in the anticlockwise direction. Current in the length MN flows from M to N and the magnetic fields act from left to right normal to the length MN. According to Fleming’s Left-hand rule, a downward force acts along the length MN. Similarly, the current along the length ST flows from S to T and the magnetic field acts from left to right. Therefore, an upward force acts along the length of ST. These two forces together cause the coil to rotate anti-clockwise. After half a rotation, the position of MN and ST interchange. The half ring C come in contact with brush B and the half ring D comes in contact with rush C. Hence the direction of current in the coil MNST gets reversed.

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