Distinguish asexual and sexual reproduction. Why is vegetative reproduction also considered a type of asexual reproduction?

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Solution :-

The difference between asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction are as follows-

Asexual reproduction Sexual reproduction
It is Uniparental. It is Biparental.
Gametes are not involved in this type of method. Gametes are involved in this type of method.
Only mitotic division takes place here Both meiosis and mitosis will take place.
Meiosis occurs during gamete production
and is followed by mitosis following fertilisation.
Offspring are genetically similar to the parent Offspring are different from parents.

Vegetative propagation
It is a type of process in which new plants are obtained without the production of sexual structures i.e seeds or spores. It involves the propagation of plants through different types of vegetative parts such as the rhizome, sucker, tuber, bulb, etc. In this, a fusion of the male and the female gamete does not take place and requires only one parent. Hence, vegetative reproduction can be stated under the category of asexual reproduction.

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