Differentiate between microsporogenesis and megasporogenesis. Which type of cell division occurs during these events? Name the structures formed at the end of these two events?

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Solution :-

Microsporogenesis and megasporogenesis differ in the following ways:

Microsporogenesis Megasporogenesis
The process by which
microspore mother cells
divide and produce pollen
grains is known as
Megasporogenesis is the process
by which megaspore mother cells
are formed and differentiate into
megaspores by meiosis.
Located within the pollen sac
of the anthers.
It is present in the nucellus of the
A pollen grain produced by a
microspore mother cell
functions properly.
The megaspores have only one
functional megaspore.
Results in the formation of
pollen grains (male gametophyte)
Resulting in the formation of
embryo sacs (female
Microspore mother cells and
megaspore mother cells are
every diploid, as they have
two sets of chromosomes
The mother cells for megaspores
and microspores enlarge and
undergo meiosis in order to
produce four haplotypical cells
called megaspores and
microspores, respectively.

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