A neat diagram explains the 7-celled, 8-nucleate nature of the female gametophyte.

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With a neat diagram explain the 7 - celled, 8 - nucleate nature of the female  gametophyte.

Three successive mitotic divisions form it in the megaspore nucleus (or female gametophyte). The nucleus itself divides into two nuclei which move to opposite poles to form two nuclei of the embryo sac. The 8-nucleate stage of the embryo sac is formed after two more sequential mitotic nuclear divisions. A typical female gametophyte or embryo sac is formed after the 8-nucleate stage. The antipodal and micropylar end of each of the eight nuclei comprises the six nuclei grouped. There are two synergids and an egg cell at the center of the egg apparatus. The polar nuclei are located within the large central cell of the embryo sac just below the egg apparatus. A typical female gametophyte comprises seven cells with eight nuclei as both polar nuclei are present within the same cell.

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