Differentiate between: coleoptile and coleorhiza

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Solution :-

Coleoptile Coleorhiza
A foliar structure called the
coleoptile surrounds the epicotyl
and a leaf primordium
Roots and their caps are enclosed
in a sheath called a coleorhiza.
It protects the plumule during
emergence from soil.
For the first leaf to appear, there
is an opening at the end of the
coleoptile. The colorhizae are
solid structures.
Plumules are protected from soil
when they emerge from soil.
Radicles are not protected when
they pass through the soil.
It grows much beyond the grain After emergence from grain it
stops growing
Coleoptile after emergence from
Coleorhiza does not come out of
Germination occurs when the seed
becomes green and begins to
It remains nongreen

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