Differentiate between Homozygous and Heterozygous

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Solution :-

Homozygous Heterozygous
Genotype comprising of similar alleles for a trait.
e.g., TT (for tall) or tt (for short)
Genotype comprising dissimilar
alleles for a trait. e.g.Tt
The individual could be either dominant or recessive.
e.g: Individualswith TT genotype will be tall plants
whereas individuals with tt genotype will be all short plants.
The individual will usually be dominant
or incompletely dominant but never recessive
The individuals will produce only one kind of gametes.
 e.g., either T or t
The individual will produce two types of gametes.
e.g., Both T and t gametes.
Homozygous individuals on selfing form pure lines
or the true breeding individuals, i.e., those that produce
progeny exactly identical to the parents
Heterozygous individuals are hybrids and
their progeny will not be exactlyidentical to the parents
and will exhibit different phenotypes.

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