Try to trace the various components of human evolution (hint: brain size and function, skeletal structure, dietary preference, etc.)

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Solution :-

Human evolution can be broken down into the following components:

1. Volume of the human brain

2. Structure of the skeleton

3. Posture

4. Preferences in terms of diet

5. Behavioral traits

Significant changes in morphology occurred in the ancestors of modern humans:

1. Elevation and narrowing of the nose.

2. Chin formation.

3. Diminishing the brow ridges.

4. The face becomes flattened.

5. Less hair on the body.

6. Curvature of the vertebral column to promote upright posture.

7. Presence of a bowl that constitutes the pelvic girdle in support of the viscera.

8. Height increase.

9. Possessing an upright posture and moving bipedally.

10. The rounding of the head and the enlargement of the head.

11. Increase in brain size and intelligence.

12. Broadening of the forehead and with vertical elevation

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