There are many similarities in the way in which the modern world forced changes in the lives of pastoral communities in India and East Africa. Write about any two examples of changes which were similar for Indian pastoralists and the Maasai herders.

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Solution :-

India and East Africa were under occupation by European colonial powers. There were many similarities in which both the regions were exploited by these powers

(A) Forest laws:

Various forest laws were also responsible for changing the lives of pastoralists both in India and Africa.

In India, the forest was classed as reserved and protected. No pastoralist was allowed access into the reserved forest.

One of the problems is the Maasai people have faced is the continuous loss of their grazing lands. The colonial government increases the local peasants to expand cultivation.

(b) Closing of borders:

In Africa, Maasailand was cut into half with the International boundary between British Kenya and German Tanganyika. The best land was taken over by the White settlers and the locals were pushed into a small area with restricted pastures.

In India, the division of the country forced the Raikas to find out the new pastures in Haryana as due to political division they were no longer allowed to go to Sindh which became a province of Pakistani. The Sindh province has become a part of Pakistan and the herders cannot go there.

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