Answer the following questions briefly.

(i) Why is the rate of population growth in India declining since 1981?

(ii) Discuss the major components of population growth.

(iii) Define age structure, death rate and birth rate.

(iv) How is migration a determinant factor of population change?


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1 Answer

Solution :-

(i) The decline is due to greater awareness and usage of birth control measures.

(ii) 1. Birth rate

     2. Death rate

     3. Migration

(iii) Age structure:

Refers to the number of people in different age groups in that population.

Death Rate:

The number of deaths per thousand persons in a year.

Birth Rate:

The number of live births per thousand persons in a year

(iv) Because it changes the demographics of a country.


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Choose the right answer from the four alternatives given below.

(i) Migrations change the number, distribution and composition of the population in

(a) the area of departure

(b) the area of arrival

(c) both the area of departure and arrival

(d) None of the above

(ii) A large proportion of children in a population is a result of

(a) high birth rates

(b) high life expectancies

(c) high death rates

(d) more married couples

(iii) The magnitude of population growth refers to

(a) the total population of area

(b) the number of persons added each year

(c) the rate at which the population increases

(d) the number of females per thousand males

(iv) According to the Census, a “literate” person is one who

(a) can read and write his/her name

(b) can read and write any language

(c) is 7 years old and can read and write any language with understanding

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