Do you think that the present methodology of poverty estimation is appropriate?

Asked by Shivani Kumari | 1 year ago |  140

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Solution :-

No, the present-day methodology of poverty estimation does not seem to be completely appropriate. This is because the only factor is taken into consideration is the economic status and moreover, it considers a minimum subsistence of living instead of a reasonable status of living. Poverty, today is a larger concept than only the economic status of the people. With advancements and development, the definition of poverty has also changed. People may have been able to feed themselves and their family but education, shelter, health, job security, and dignity al are still at a threat. To overcome poverty entirely, all the above-mentioned factors also need to be kept in consideration. To completely remove poverty from the country, the methodology to estimate poverty should also be changed.

Answered by Vishal kumar | 1 year ago

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