Choose the correct option.
(i) Which of these is not a resource?
(a) the Indian Prime Minister
(b) your Geography book
(c) a small piece of paper
(d) none of these

(ii) Which of these does not have economic worth but is valuable?
(a) shoes
(b) mountains
(c) coal
(d) none of these

(iii) The types of resources on basis of stock are
(a) ubiquitous and localised
(b) actual and potential
(c) renewable and non-renewable
(d) abiotic and biotic

(iv) Which of the following is a non-renewable resource?
(a) solar energy
(b) water
(c) soil
(d) natural gas

(v) Which of these is an example of sustainable development?
(a) ignoring the lights when they are switched on but not required
(b) not wasting paper
(c) using coal and petroleum deposits at a fast pace
(d) none of these

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1 Answer

Solution :-

(i) (d) none of these

(ii) (b) mountains

(iii) (c) renewable and non-renewable

(iv) (d) natural gas

(v)  (b) not wasting paper

Answered by Mayu | 2 years ago

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