MCQ Questions Choose the correct option.
(i) Which of these resources covers about three-fourths of the total surface of earth?

(a) land
(b) soil
(c) air
(d) water

(ii) What are low-lying areas very susceptible to?
(a) earthquakes
(b) landslides
(c) flooding
(d) tsunamis

(iii) Which of these physical features are best suited for living?
(a) plains and river valleys
(b) mountains
(c) deserts
(d) lakes and rivers

(iv) Which of these is example of community land?
(a) the Sunderban forests
(b) a bungalow
(c) the Parliament House
(d) none of these

(v) What is the majority of land in India used for?
(a) cultivation
(b) pasture
(c) forests
(d) none of these

(vi) Which of these countries is mainly covered with forest land?
(a) India
(b) Brazil
(c) USA
(d) both b and c

(vii) Due to what feature is ocean water unfit for human consumption?
(a) poisonous
(b) salinity
(c) water temperature
(d) none of these

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1 Answer

Solution :-

(i) (d)  water

(ii) (c)  flooding

(iii) (a) plains and river valleys

(iv) (a) the Sunderban forests

(v) (a) cultivation

(vi) (d) both b and c

(vii) (b)  salinity

Answered by Mayu | 1 year ago

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