Give reasons.
(i) Environmental aspects must be carefully looked into before building huge dams.
(ii) Most industries are concentrated around coal mines.
(iii) Petroleum is referred to as “black gold”.
(iv) Quarrying can become a major environmental concern.

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Solution :-


  • Because of the following reasons:
  • Dams create an imbalance in the earth’s equilibrium.
  • Deforestation leads to environmental pollution.
  • People are displaced.
  • Cities/villages/towns are shifted causing untold hardships to people.
  • Flood threats loom large.
  • Earthquake threats.
  • Silting of lakes a problem.

(ii) Presence of coal mines around industries reduces the costs of transportation and also ensures easy availability of fuel.

(iii) Petroleum is a very valuable fossil fuel. It is used for running all types of machinery, transport vehicles, from a bicycle to an aeroplane.

(iv) After quarrying, pits are not covered so they may cause environmental hazards.

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