Say whether the verb in each sentence below is transitive or intransitive. Ask yourself a 'what' question about the verb. (For some verbs, the object is a person, so ask the question 'who' instead of 'what').

(i) Jody then wentto the kitchen.

(ii) The fawn wobbledafter him

(iii)  You foundhim.

(iv)  He pickedit up.

(v) He dippedhis fingers in the milk.

(vi)  It bleatedfrantically and buttedhim.

(vii)  The fawn suckedhis fingers.

(viii)  He loweredhis fingers slowly into the milk.

(ix)  It stampedits small hoofs impatiently.

(x)  He heldhis fingers below the level of the milk.

(xi) The fawn followedhim.

(xii)  He walkedall day.

(xiii)  He strokedits sides.

(xiv)  The fawn liftedits nose.

(xv)  Its legs hunglimply.


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1 Answer

Solution :-

(i) Intransitive

(ii) Intransitive

(iii) Transitive

(iv) Transitive

(v) Transitive

(vi) Intransitive, Transitive

(vii) Transitive

(viii) Transitive

(ix) Transitive

(x) Transitive

(xi) Transitive

(xii) Intransitive

(xiii) Transitive

(xiv) Transitive

(xv) Intransitive

Answered by Abhisek | 2 years ago

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