Explain the working and application of a sonar.

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SONAR is an abbreviation of Sound Navigation and Ranging. It is an acoustic device used in measuring the direction, speed, and depth of under-water objects viz. ship wrecks and submarines using ultrasound.

Also, it is used to determine the depth of oceans and seas.

A beam of ultrasonic sound is produced and travels through the sea water which is transmitted by the transducer. When it reflects an echo is produced which is detected and recorded by the detector. It is then converted into electrical signals. The distance is represented by ‘d’ of the under-water object is calculated from the time (represented as ‘t’) taken by the echo to return with speed (represented as ‘v’) is expressed as,

2d = v × t.

This method of measuring distance is also referred to as echo-ranging.

Answered by Vishal kumar | 2 years ago

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