(i) What persuaded Princess September to give the bird his  freedom again?

(ii) How did the bird react to it?

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Solution :-

(i) When one day she saw the little bird lying at the bottom with its eyes closed, she thought it was dead. She opened the door and took the bird out. Feeling its heart beating, she tried to wake it up and cried. One of her tears fell on the bird and it opened its eyes to see that it was out of the cage. It said that it could not sing unless it was free, and if it could not sing, it would die. This persuaded her to give it its freedom again. She wanted it to be happy as she loved it.

(ii) The bird said that it would come back because it loved her. It would sing the loveliest of songs for her. It would go far away, but would always come back and shall never forget her. Then, it flew away into the sky.

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