(i) What did the oldest coin tell him?

(ii) Did he follow his advice? If not, why not?

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Solution :-

(i) The oldest coin said that they were trying to tell him something for his own good. It said that he would get the scholarship money the next day, and with that money he could pay his fees. Hence, he could very well buy the jalebiswith the fees money

(ii) No, he did not follow its advice. Even though his mouth watered, he remembered the fact that he was among the most promising students at school. In the fourth standard exams, he had even won a scholarship of four rupees a month. Also, he came from a particularly well-to-do family and enjoyed considerable prestige. He had never once been beaten. On the contrary, his teacher hadgot him to beat the other boys. He thought that for a child of such status, standing in the middle of the market and eating jalebiswas
inappropriate. Giving these reasons, he returned home.

Answered by Aaryan | 2 years ago

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